Freebets and Bookmaker Bonuses

Freebet As Sign Up Bonus

There are a number of incentives offered to individuals who choose to experience online betting for the first time. "Freebets" is a term commonly promoted by online bookmakers and is frequently discussed on the internet. They are usually monetary incentives given to first-time players joining a bookmaker. They are usually in the form of a set amount given to all players after sign up.

"Freebets" can also be in the form of a bet that allows each individual player to receive the same amount of money that they have plundered (with conditions). Cashback is also a refund of bonus money or real cash that is received if money has been lost while playing. This is usually calculated as a percentage of a net loss. Real cash back rewards are also becoming a popular way for online bookmakers to entice new players.

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Bookmaker Bonuses

Most bookmakers offer bonuses to draw new clients or retain them. Samples include referral bonuses which are given to players once their friends and acquaintances sign-up. Some bookmakers offer one time reload bonuses to accounts that are close to zero. Bitcoin bonuses are offered to promote digital currency in the form of bonuses for a deposit made. Some bookmakers will also offer incentives within a game to refund lost wagers. To promote a certain game or type of betting, some companies may offer bonus percentages on the winnings of players. Inactive accounts are encouraged to return through emails offering deposit bonuses or free plays.

There are so many different bookmakers offering a variety of bonuses. Choosing the best bookmaker bonus is confusing due to the sheer number of online companies and some of their confusing Terms and Conditions. The sign-up bonus is important for getting the most out of an initial betting investment. However, online bonuses must be balanced with the Terms and Conditions of signing up to a website. Some websites may offer great bonuses but the terms and conditions may stipulate additional information that is not apparent after a first reading. It is also important to consider a website's navigation. Long-term incentives, betting margins, the amount and frequency of events, live betting, reliability, and accessibility should also be considered.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements will depend on the online bookmaker and their Terms and Conditions. This is especially true for serious punters. Rules about bonuses, making claims, getting payouts as well as how often payouts are made is important to know before making wagers. Bonuses need to be looked at carefully. For example, a bookmaker offers "100% cash back up to $100'. Depositing $100 and then seeing the balance go to $200 is not realistic because it would not be profitable for the bookmaking website.

Rollover requirement

Most of the websites require that players earn a bonus by meeting the "rollover" requirement. A rollover describes the amount that should be spent before unlocking bonuses. Some betting websites allow punters to use all bonus money to bet. The rollover must be cleared, and the punter will not be able to withdraw funds without giving away bonus money.

A rollover rate ranges from having to bet an initial amount deposited to an amount as high as 15 times the initial deposit before being eligible to receive the bonus. The usual amount for a rollover is 5 times the initial deposit. However, most deposit bonuses will be 5 times the amount of the deposit. A $200 deposit with 5 times rollover would require a bet of $4000 to meet the rollover requirements.

It takes time to hit rollover requirements and making a wager to only receive the rollover is not recommended. Most online betting companies count the lowest number between the bet and the payout going towards the rollover requirements. For example, a $100 bet paying $25 will only pay $25 towards the rollover.

Withdrawing funds

Withdrawing funds before finishing the rollover requirements will give up the remaining bonus. Money made through betting bonus money is given up also. The punter needs to hit the rollover within a certain time before surrendering bonuses. This time frame ranges from a few months to six months depending on the website.

New betters should look for a rollover of 5 times the deposit or less when considering a new bookmaker website. Low rollovers are usually easier for beginners. Those individuals searching for sign-up bonuses must consider rollover requirements and timing, that works well for the individuals betting desires.

Bonus funds can be accessed as soon as a deposit goes through. Once a person starts betting, it is possible to start working towards the rollover requirements.

Freebet and bookmaker bonuses

Terms and Conditions

The individual punter should also check identity verification, details for withdrawing and payout options in the Terms and Conditions. Identity verification is required to withdraw money and can delay withdrawals by days if not completed properly. Identity verification is also required to prevent fraud. Most online bookmakers ask for government-issued identification such as a driver's license, passport, and health card. A scanned copy of various identification will need to be sent to bookmaking websites. Documentation with billing information like a utility bill or bank statement may also need to be provided. Credit card usage will require a photo of the credit card and a credit card authentication form. Documentation will also vary by website. Some documents require email images while other websites may give the individual the option of uploading documents directly to the website.

It can be a frustrating process to go through the verification of identity particularly when the money being withdrawn needs to be used fast. Most websites have 24-hour customer service and can be contacted by many means of communication.

How to request withdrawal

Punters should look at the process of withdrawing funds. A 'withdraw page' button is used for withdrawing. Each website usually has a 'withdraw', 'cashier' and 'wallet' button and the individual then inputs the amount. A method of paying is then entered by the user but there may only be a certain amount that can be withdrawn. Some of the funds may be locked until clearing a bonus rollover. It may only be possible to withdraw $100 despite having a balance of $400 without being penalized. The punter then clicks the 'request withdrawal' button. There will then be a review process which can take approximately 48 hours. Most betting websites also give the option of canceling a withdrawal.

Each website offers different maximum and minimum amounts to withdraw. $10 minimums are usual and the maximum can vary by each website. It is usually a few thousand dollars. The method of withdrawal will affect how much can be taken out at one time. For example, withdrawal by credit card will attract more limits and fees than a withdrawal by Bitcoin. Betting websites may waive fees for first-time withdrawals, and some allow for one free withdrawal per month. Many websites limit withdrawals to one per week.

Payout options are varied and it is usually a similar method selected for depositing funds but this is not possible in some cases. For example, in the United States, credit cards are permitted to deposit money, but cannot be used as a method of withdrawal. Some other payout methods are allowed.

Credit/debit card

Funds can be returned to the same credit or debit cards used for a deposit. (If it’s an alternative in the player's country) The withdrawal usually occurs in around three days and attracts a low or no fee. The amount punters must withdraw is usually low.


Bitcoin and Litecoin withdrawal is usually transferred to an online wallet within minutes. There may be a small “miner’s fee”. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. For example, A $2,000 withdrawal may drop to $1800 or rise to $2,200 before checking an online wallet after an absence.

Person to person

Transfer fees of companies like Western Union make this an unpopular way to withdraw. It may be one of the few alternatives available to people with lost cards etc. Transfers are highly scrutinized by the government.


Payments to eWallets occur within a few days. eWallets have small amounts for withdrawals and small or no fees for payments. Withdrawing money from a Skrill or Neteller carries a fee.

Wire transfer

Bank wire transfers allow high amounts for withdrawals and are suitable for high rollers. This form of payment takes some time to set up, as well as bookmaker contact. This may take from two to ten days to get paid and reach the punter once processed. This method attracts high fees and security also.

Physical checks

Cheques take a long time to collect and are becoming a troublesome method, It also attracts higher minimum fees than other payout methods.

One last thing to remember is to take out all funds from an account if it will be inactive for a period of time. Some accounts attract fees and do not allow users to deposit, withdraw or bet for a period of time. This will depend on the bookmaker websites. Another important reason to read the Terms and Conditions. Most sites will take the remaining balance is the account is not active.